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Job Opportunities

Current Openings


None Currently Available

District Level Support Services

Substitute Teacher / Aide

Campus Level Professional Positions

High School Career Technology Education Teacher
High School Career Technology Education Teacher / Girls’ Coach

Campus Level Paraprofessional / Support Positions

Cafeteria Worker
Campus Custodian

588 Educational COOP

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Maintenance / Transportation

Mechanic / Transportation
General Maintenance

Staff Employment Photo

Application Forms

DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification – Must be signed and submitted with all applications.

Professional Application (for Administrators and Teaching Positions)
Auxiliary Application (for Instructional Aides, Clerical, Maintenance, Transportation, and Cafeteria Positions)

Be sure to include all pages of the application and to attach the above DPS Computerized Criminal History Verification as well.

Salary Schedules

Professional Positions

Pay Grade 1 – Teacher
Pay Grade 2 – Assistant Principal
Pay Grade 3 – Accountant, Director of Technology, Director of Special Programs, Elementary Principal
Pay Grade 4 – Middle School Principal, Athletic Director, DAEP Administrator
Pay Grade 5 – High School Principal
Pay Grade 6 – Chief Financial Officer

Auxiliary / Paraprofessional Personnel Positions

Pay Grade 7 – Cafeteria, Custodians
Pay Grade 8 – Groundskeeper
Pay Grade 9 – Instructional Aides, Special Education Aides
Pay Grade 10 – Special Education Clerk, Maintenance (General), Mechanics Helper, Nurse Aide
Pay Grade 11 – Attendance Clerk
Pay Grade 12 – Elementary Secretary, Middle School Principal Secretary, Accounts Payable Clerk
Pay Grade 13 – Payroll Specialist, PEIMS Coordinator, LVN, Lead Mechanic, High School Secretary
Pay Grade 14 – Superintendent’s Secretary, Food Service Director, Transportation Director
Pay Grade 15 – Technology Assistant, Maintenance Director